04 February 2010

Hello readers!

This is officially my last post on Blogger as I've moved to Tumblr

and every archives here will be kept as beautiful memories.



02 February 2010

10 January 2010

My new babies! =DD



minus away the girl ._."

dress up!!

06 January 2010

Jeannie's 19!

awesome shit, awesome gathering, awesome photos (=

31 December 2009

Year 2009, it.
The last day of the year. 2009 just another year?

Its the time of the year again and now it's 9.50 am according to my com, another
14hrs 10mins to countdown!

I must admit that there were few ups and downs in my life this year.
The downs however, brought me up and made me stronger.
The will that keeps me driven and wanting to achieve something got stronger.
And overall I enjoy the time spent with all the awesome people in my life.

Let me think; this year? what I've achieved?
apparently and sadly to say nothing much, it was such a typical year.


2009 started out with danceworks! It was a must for a junior batch from
Foreign Bodies to join DW. It's like to gain experience from outdoor.
members: ks, zul, su, daphne, linda, isabella, alex,
(one malay girl, I forgot her name cause she went mia after that) & me =D
er, nope we didn't went further but the journey and the process were
amazing! the love for dance grew stronger.

Get Down; lols with the encouragement from jeannie back then, I decided to
join get down vol 2 (correct?). and rofl I made it to top 8 then cui. lols
but it was fun battling with friends. we all meant no harm (=

Fusion Battle; rofl me and jeannie have that BALLS to join for the battle.
both of us kinda screwed up the showcase but we did enjoy :D

Suntect Dance; I swear I had the most memorable time back then.
It was my first time joining suntect, and as always things will screw a bit here
and there but we did manage to went through. We made it to the semis and
it felt nice to make it together there.

Oschool Recital; under 安安's item. I was extremely glad when I know
that I got into anan's. as always I've loved her style her groove and to be
able to learn and dance under her was an eye opening experience for me.

Looking forward for next year's dance achievements.

First up for 2010 would be lock down & ftl; omfg rach and I were saying that
if we could make it through the showcase for ftl, we are happy enough for now.
*tensions rising*

Hopefully the girlpower group will be able to join a competition tgt soon.
hope we'll be able to teach and learn from each other.
that's how friends bond.


some came and went, some stayed on.

The closer ones; needless to say, that of course includes my secondary school friends.
We barely meet up and we still and always have that bond (:
I can talk to them about anything/ everything under the sun. awesome

fb; I know who are my closer ones and I don't have to name them.
I'm pretty much sure they know (:
I love them, and the time spent with them. there's sure to be ups & downs
but we went through it together. put our differences aside and till today
we are crapping and still as always talking nonsense that makes us rofl

schoolmates; fucking awesome classmates/ buddies! the bond grew so fast.
I swear I enjoy every nonsenses and jokes we shared. The main reason of
what keeps me driven to go to school (: truly the great ones that add a smile
to my boring face every single day of my life. awesome people

Colleges; All attached! lol and I wish 'em all a Happy new year ahead with
their love ones


Have been single for a year now. seriously speaking and to my surprise,
it never felt better then this. of course there are those shitty moments when
you feel all out of love the etc. but at the end of the day,
c'mon you're never alone (:

ks: "I think you should have a bf soon"
me: "the right one (literally) have not appear"

what to do? nth.

Dated a few, nothing much as the connection wasn't there but
it ain't that "that" bad, there's more of "me" times and I have more time for
friends, work ($), and dance. overall, still awesome.

I'm glad that I have great friends around me who stood by me when I fall,
pick me up and be my pillars of support, a shoulder to cry on.
without 'em all. I don't even think I'll make it this far. thanks babies


I must admit I'm not a very family person, for those who know me well
enough, they should understand. Home to me; it's like a place I eat/sleep/rest.
that simple.

on the 24th dec, there were additional members as fluffy gave birth to 5
adorable puppies. they are all amazingly cute and lovable.

Goals for 2010:

-driving/bike license
-maintain/bring up gpa
-level up dance
-better fitness
-more savings


i pretty much hate my life, hate my family, hate my parents, have my education, hate my lifestyle, hate my behavior, hate my intentions, hate my guts, hate my screwed up life now :((